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MediStars Group

Welcome to MediStars group!

Take adventure to obesity solution!

We are glad to inform you

We are relocating our factory!

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Промышленное здание

Red Alert to our customers! There are scammers on the market selling fake MediStars Balloons, posing as their own.
Please be vigilant. Original MediStars Balloons are sold only through the site and through a licensed representative by request.

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What's New

We Care About Your Safety

MediStars is a modern, highly innovative company that provides various assistance services to both individuals and corporates in the field of obesity and human transformation endeavour

Breakthrough in

Bariatric Surgery

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Our mission

Lives Transformation Through Overweight Correction

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Our vision

MediStars is Hub for Transformations and Wellbeing

Why to choose

MediStars Intragastric Balloon

  • Can be removed at any time

  • High efficiency - in 2-6 months, patients get rid of several tens of kilograms

  • Non-surgical

  • Dosed nutrition adaptation

  • Lack of discomfort during treatment

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