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Production Process

We started our research in 2019 to produce our new version of intragastric balloon with special technology using a German silicone from Wacker company.

We used new technology and very special way in manufacturing the balloons, which provides the intragastric balloon in a bigger size than other balloons in the market. That provides the ability of reducing the weight more than others balloons as the average weight loss for MediStars balloon is from 15 kg up to 45kg.

This is according to the results which we got from 1,173 operations that were done from 10/2020 till 08/2021.

Why MediStars Intragastric Balloon

Other Balloons

Weight loss - 10-15 kg/6 months

MediStars Balloon

Weight loss - 15- 45 kg/6 months

New Stage of Production

MediStars designed the intrsgastric balloon in a completely different way than other balloons in the market.

We noticed from throughout our experience years in the obesity field that others balloons have 2 main weakness points.

First is that the patients usually suffer from repeated nausea and repeated vomiting with extended discomfort feeling.

Secondly, the average weight lose for other balloons stands at 10kg to a maximum of 15kg/6 months; which made the intragastric balloon the least favourable option in patients with BMI more than 30.

Accordingly, during our research phase, we considered solving all of these problems with balloons and produce a new version of intragastric balloon that provides less complications with more weightless results.

We designed our new intragastric balloon with new surface tension in the balloon wall which made the balloon to be more soft, and more comfortable that lead to less vomiting and nausea symptoms than the other products.

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